Welcome TO GGMM
GGMM (Sahyog) is a Registered Society under Registration of Societies Act, 1860; Registration No. 0030 w.e.f 9th May 2005. The main office of GGMM is in Gurgaon.
GGMM ‘Sahyog’ came into existence for Grass root level women Development, Empowerment & Welfare. GGMM is affiliated with ‘All India Women Conference’ (a 75 years old Organization for women related issues with network across India and abroad).

Women Empowerment :
Women play an important role in development of the family, community and society. Women in rural India have been carrying on their Shoulders the burden of poverty, ignorance, superstitions and discriminatory customs and traditions. Despite their extremely disadvantaged situation they keep contributing enormously to the welfare of their family and of the state.
It is known fact that the contribution of women in the field of agriculture, animal husbandry and other Rural based occupations is higher than that of men, but such contribution is rarely recognized. SAHYOG has been making many efforts to increase self help groups at community level to enhance the Women Empowerment.

Children Care and Education :
Children care, Education and protect rights is one of the focus of SAHYOG. The illiteracy of parents, poverty and poor school infrastructure is keeping children away from school, which push the children into the clutches of child labour. SAHYOG actively involve in sensitization of parents and duty bearers on child rights.
Supporters/Partners :